Tax Advice

Within the business sector an operation may be affected by different taxes at the same time. In Tax asesores we first analyse with you any possible incident or fiscal risk that might occur with the aim of a making the right decisions.

Tax asesores provides the following taxation services:

  • Prior advice on the most appropriate legal form for your activity.
  • Tax Planning of your operations in order to reduce the tax charge on them.
  • Ongoing advice on all developments and legislative changes in taxation, as well as the resolution of any issues that may arise.
  • Drafting and completing of quarterly, monthly and annual tax forms.
  • Tax inspections, assistance, advocacy, defence requirements, calculating tax, and appealing before any authority within our scope of activity


Employment Advice

Our multidisciplinary team of lawyers, economists, tax and other professionals constitutes our greatest competitive advantage in analysing the labour relations of your company from different perspectives. This enables us to offer you global, customised and highly effective solutions.

Tax asesores, offers, among others, the following services:

  • Advising and Management of Company Labour. Reports of wage costs. Layoffs and ERES.
  • Claims for payment. Conciliation before the SMAC and other agencies.
  • Labour and Social Courts.
  • Judicial and administrative appeals.
  • Advice and assistance in labour inspections.
  • Contracts, Payroll and Social Security.


Accounting Advice

As accounting is vital for the decision making within a company, the entrepreneurs have to be totally committed to carrying out the daily management of the company, allowing them to decide and plan their business strategies.

Tax asesores offers the following accounting services:

  • Updating of overdue accounts.
  • Accounting, closing accounts and official records.
  • Quarterly Balances.
  • Legalisation of accounting books in the Commercial Registry.
  • Preparation and presentation of annual accounts.